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My ladoos are expensive. Let me tell you why!


I get a lot of pings and messages both on what’s app and messenger asking me for the rate of my ladoos. When they get to know the rate, they act shocked.

“Why are they so expensive?”

I politely tell them it’s because of the fine ingredients that go into the ladoos and my effort and time.

I feel like advising them – You will get ladoos at a much cheaper rate at your corner sweet shop.

My point is that most of us don’t want to buy from the corner mithai shop because we are not sure of the quality, freshness and proportion of the ingredients. That is the reason we buy artisanal products, and they come at a premium. 

My ladoos are expensive. And let me tell you why?

Quality presides over quantity

A good quality product requires good quality ingredients. And as you know, quality also means steeper prices. I am very conscious about the things that go in my ladoos and cookies. They have to be of a certain grade and bought from certain known places only.

  • Nuts, berries and seeds are sourced from reliable vendors only.
  • Gondh ladoos are made of gondh of a specific grade, and not bought from the local kirana that supplies cheap gondh at a fraction of the cost.
  • The flours used are freshly grounded from a local flour mill, and not bought in bulk in packages from supermarkets.

Proportion of ingredients

Have you ever seen seeds in besan ladoos? My recipe uses musk melon seeds that are difficult to procure. The crunch that comes from the seeds is priceless.

I have eaten badam barfi or pista ki lauj from the market, and wondered if there was any pista or badam in the barfi (except the one nut that was stuck to the top as garnish)? Or did I eat just khoya? Tell me if it hasn’t happened with you ever. In my Gondh ladoos, you can see as well as taste pista and badam in them. My Date Walnut cookies are loaded with both dates and walnuts, and total value for money.

Market ladoos are overtly sweet; tell me if I am wrong. They use sugar in loads, and we know sugar is a cheap ingredient. My ladoos use dates. Good quality dates cost minimum Rs. 600 a kg while white sugar costs Rs. 45. Go, figure out! 

My ladoos and cookies use nuts like walnuts and pistachios, and we know they are expensive nuts. Sesame Peanut Ladoos use sesame and peanuts which are cheap, and so I pass on the price benefit to my customers by selling them at a cheaper price. On the other hand, I use non processed dates in Nutty Dates Ragi Ladoos and they cost more than regular dates, so the ladoos also cost more.

Made in small batches

My products are made in small batches. It ensures they are made well, and their taste is uniform. Also, each ladoo is hand rolled. And we know labour intensive products are expensive.

Made to order

I don’t stock my products. They are made only once the order is placed. Also, they have a shorter life span because there are no preservatives.

Now, you know why artisanal products are more expensive. So, yes, my products are not cheap but they are affordable and value for money for those who are looking for a clean, delightful experience.  

Remember, good things are not cheap. And that's why my ladoos are expensive too. 

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