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Why we use glass jars for our ladoo packaging?


People often ask me – Why Glass Jars for ladoo packaging?

I admit, glass jars are fragile and not very cost effective. I have to be extra careful while wrapping them in bubbles and adding extra layers.

But I would still stick with glass jars.

Well, for starters, glass jars are excellent for storing food. They are one of the oldest forms of preserving food. They are food safe and keep food fresh for the longest time. Try keeping your foods in your best Tupperware and glass jars. At the end of the month, the foods in the glass jars will smell and taste fresher than the plastic, even though it is considered to be of good quality.

Also, glass can be recycled and has a less harmful impact on our delicate ecosystem.

Glass jars come in very handy to store pickles, jams, chutneys, condiments and cookies. I use them to store my dry fruits, seeds and nuts, nut powders, salsas and dips, etc. And I actually run out of glass jars, even though when I never throw out a jar.

So, glass jars are excellent to store my ladoos for a month. They stay fresh.

However, I am forced to use pet jars for my cookies. Let me tell you why! I wanted a wide mouthed jar for cookies, however, I wasn’t getting any in the market. These pet jars were the closest to what I wanted. I admit I am not happy. But till the time, I can come up with a better solution, pet jars it is for cookies at least.

If you know of any supplier who can sell me wide-mouthed glass cookie jars in 500 ml, do let me know, I will be indebted to you.

Note: I would recommend emptying out the cookies from pet jars after a few days and store in an air-tight glass jar. It will stay fresher for a longer period.

Now, you know we use glass jars for ladoo packaging!!

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