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Why you should not make ladoos by yourself ?



People ask me “are your ladoos any different from what my mother taught me?”

I say, “apart from a few ingredients here and there (your mother might be using makhana in gondh ladoo, while I don’t, I use kharbooje ke beej which your mother might not be adding), my ladoos are more or less the same as what your mother taught you or what you would make.” After all, I have learnt it from my mother and grandmother too. Don’t we all learn from our mothers?

“Then why should I buy ladoos from you?” comes the quick response, which I am prepared for.

“Because you don’t have the time, but you still want to feed your kids and your family those ‘ghar mein bana hua’ nourishing ladoos, because you want to bite into those ladoos that smell of ghee, nuts and a bit of bachpan.”

To be honest, I want to make Chyavanprash and Adadiyu Pak in the winter which are immune boosting foods. I even have the recipes, and it’s not difficult to get hold of ingredients with Amazon and Dunzo/Borzo at your beck and call. But still I haven’t tried it even once. Because I know, there are many people out there who are making it using the same quality ingredients that I would have used. Of course, they would charge a bit more, but either it’s my time and effort or theirs.

Most parents have their intentions right. Most of us want to cook nourishing foods for our kids. But many of us can’t. Either we are bound by time or lack of practice. And that’s OK. We don’t have to feel guilty about it. If we can’t make it ourselves, we can always buy and feed. I mean, that’s how the division of labour started in the first place. I buy what I am not able to do myself.

On my daughter’s birthday, I order a decadently rich, creamy cake with frosting. I am sure I can replicate it (after I find the recipe on Youtube) more or less, but I know I am never going to do it. Firstly, it will take me more time and effort than it would for an expert baker, and secondly I am disrupting the entire principle of trade and commerce. For what??

So I leave such things for experts. We can do many things, but we don’t. Because we always get the exact same thing in the market. So, yes, you can make Gondh ladoos, but that’s not the question here. Do you have the time and inclination to make those ladoos?

When you know there is someone out there who can make those ladoos for you, using quality and nutritious ingredients, won’t you buy from them??

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