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Almond Coconut Ladoo - Gluten Free

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Bite into the goodness of healthy fats from Coconut and Almond flour.
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Rs. 399.00

Gluten free

Preservative free

Freshly prepared

Hand made


The fragrance of coconut frying in ghee is a harbinger of good times. Maa would make coconut ladoo on birthdays, when the exam results came out, when we went on family trips. No wonder, we have such beautiful memories associated with Coconut ladoos.

Relish the same richness of coconut and ghee in our gluten free Almond Coconut Ladoos. They have almonds too, making it richer and more nutritious. Don't miss the rose petals and raisins that elevate the taste to another level of yumminess.



Benefits : Shiny hair, better digestion, smooth skin

Rich in : Protein, fiber, Vit E


Benefits : Improves skin and hair, restores energy, lowers BP

Rich in : Protein, fiber, Manganese


Benefits : Purifies blood, detoxes liver, boosts immunity

Rich in : Iron, Magnesium


Benefits : Aids digestion, increases bone density, improves eye health

Rich in : Vit A, Omega-3 fatty acids

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