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Nutty Dates Ragi Ladoo - Sugar Free
Nutty Dates Ragi Ladoo - Sugar Free
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Besan Ladoo - Gluten free
Besan Ladoo - Gluten free
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Gondh Ladoo

Rs. 1,000.00 Rs. 399.00
Bite into this rich traditional gondh ladoos loaded with gondh, nuts and seeds, spices and ghee.
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Preservative free

Freshly prepared

Hand made


Winter is the time for woollens, soaking up golden sunshine and gorging on gondh ladoos loaded with gondh, almonds, pistachios, seeds, spices and ghee.

It’s a must-have snack in the diet of new mothers as it helps in breast-feeding, strengthening bones and joints and providing strength while recovering from post-delivery symptoms. These ladoos are ideal for mid-morning or evening snack and keep you full till meal time. Best enjoyed with a glass of hot milk.


Gondh - Tragacanth Gum

Benefits : Prevents heart strokes, helps in inflammation, good for lactating mothers

Rich in : Calcium, protein


Benefits : Shiny hair, better digestion, smooth skin

Rich in : Protein, fiber, Vit E


Benefits : Improves haemoglobin, lowers blood sugar, improves vision

Rich in : Potassium, protein, fiber

Dried Ginger Root

Benefits : Helps in inflammation, prevents cancer, treats flatulence

Rich in : Vit C, B Vitamins, Iron, Calcium

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