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The Soul Kitchen offers traditional and wholesome every day gourmet snacks for a soul satisfying and guilt-free experience for the health conscious. With the age-old recipes learnt and perfected with time, we offer products that are chemical-free and pure.

Our products are made at home, in the warmth of the kitchen using local superfoods. So instead of processed sugars, we use jaggery, dates and raw sugar in our ladoos and cookies.

We believe that the wisdom of good eating is in pure and premium quality ingredients. Hence, no fillers, no substitutes and no chemical preservatives.


Clean nutrition leads to healthy living. We use real, high quality ingredients.


Age-old recipes passed on from dadi and nani and perfected with time.


Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S said in one of the episodes, “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” You may still have homes without a TV, but can you think of a home without a kitchen. Even the most Spartan bachelor pads will have a small corner with an induction gas, washing sink and a utensil rack. The kitchen is the soul of the house, no wonder the foods that come out of it nourishes our soul too.

We believe in the age-old Indian philosophy that food nourishes our body and heals the soul. A lot of thought, love, care and attention go into making each of our products. These foods are prepared not only for their nutritious value, but also for satisfying your taste buds. We want to say that healthy is tasty as well.



Hello! I am Anshu Bhojnagarwala – Chief Ladoo Maker at The Soul Kitchen.

I am also a Parent Blogger, Health and Fitness Enthusiast, and an Advocate of Homemade Food.

I blog about wellness tips for pregnancy, lessons on gentle and positive parenting and nutrition and health tips for both mother and kid.

However, I recently realised I was much more than a blogger.

It all started in 2014 when my 3-year-old daughter asked for chocolate cookies at a mall.

I told her, “Let me make it for you at home. It would be better for you than store-bought cookies.”

That day, I took a stand. No Processed Foods at HOME. I started making ladoos and halwas, baking cakes and cookies, making fresh fruit jams and pasta sauces for my family.

I realised how soul satisfying it was to make and feed these foods that were bought regularly bought from the supermarket to my family.

This practice of eating homemade foods led to the germination of The Soul Kitchen.

As a mother, I understand the anxiety of other mothers. We would never compromise on our kids' health. Hence, all ingredients are hand-picked by me for their nutritional value.

I am not saying it’s the BEST, but my traditional handmade offerings are Better For You and Your Family as they are the same ladoos, cookies and jams that my daughter consumes too.

- Anshu Bhojnagarwala

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