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Besan Ladoo - Gluten free

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Bite into this rich traditional besan ladoo made with besan, ghee, jaggery and musk melon seeds.
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Rs. 349.00

Gluten free

Preservative free

Freshly prepared

Hand made


Let’s go back to the days when the sweet aroma of besan roasting in ghee beckoned us to the kitchen where maa would be rolling ladoos. On seeing us, she would smile and put one warm ladoo in our hand.

Not much has changed since then. The rich taste of nutty besan roasted in ghee and bound with jaggery is still as inviting as before. These ladoos make for an ideal teatime indulgence. Don’t miss the musk melon seeds, their crunch is pure bliss.


Chick Pea Flour

Benefits : Aids in weight loss, controls blood sugar, cures anemia

Rich in : Protein, fiber, iron

Musk Melon Seeds

Benefits : Strengthens immunity, beneficial for lungs, combats stress

Rich in : Protein, Vit A, C, E, K, Zinc


Benefits : Purifies blood, detoxes liver, boosts immunity

Rich in : Iron, Magnesium


Benefits : Aids digestion, increases bone density, improves eye health

Rich in : Vit A, Omega-3 fatty acids


Besan Ladoo - Gluten free
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