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Chocolate Coconut Ladoo - Gluten Free

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Bite into the goodness of healthy fats from Coconut and the richness of cocoa. Ideal for chocolate and coconut lovers.
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Gluten free

Preservative free

Freshly prepared

Hand made


Those times when chocolates were reserved only for special occasions, and that too would be decided equally between all siblings. Those Snickers, M & Ms, Mars bars, Toblerone, Ferraro Rocher and Bounty bars were a sight few and far in between. And you savoured the last bite, and licked the sides of your mouth to catch an errant small piece.

For all those chocolate and coconut lovers, this is a match made in heaven. It has the goodness of healthy fats from Coconut and the earthy richness of Cocoa. Dig into this gluten-free Chocolate Coconut ladoo made of unsweetened cocoa, coconut flour, jaggery and ghee, and relive some of your childhood memories. Enjoy this ladoo anytime you have a craving for chocolate or mithai.



Benefits : Improves skin and hair, restores energy, lowers BP

Rich in : Protein, fiber, Manganese

Unsweetened Cocoa

Benefits : Repairs skin cells, reduces PMS symptoms, helps in depression

Rich in : Theobromine


Benefits : Purifies blood, detoxes liver, boosts immunity

Rich in : Iron, Magnesium


Benefits : Aids digestion, increases bone density, improves eye health

Rich in : Vit A, Omega-3 fatty acids

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Chocolate Coconut Ladoo - Gluten Free
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