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Nutty Dates Ragi Ladoo - Sugar Free

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The healthiest of our laddus, bite into the goodness of healthy fats from nuts and natural sweetness from dates in gluten-free nutty dates ragi laddus. A perfect healthy afternoon snack and filling snacks for kids.
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Gluten free

Preservative free

Sugar free

Hand made


The fistful of nuts that maa would stuff in the pocket of the school uniform every morning would either be traded off for other sweets or come back uneaten. Maa’s angry face wasn’t a pretty picture. Nothing much has changed over the years. Children still make a face when they are given nuts and dried fruits.

We have a great solution for it! We take Ragi and Ghee, and to that we add Dates, Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachios; all the things that kids don’t like to eat, and roll them into super delicious ladoos that are hard to resist. Ragi is rich in calcium and iron, while dates are a powerful antioxidant. These glutenfree and sugar-free ladoos sweetened naturally with dates are ideal for mid-morning or evening snack. They are also an excellent after-meal dessert.



Benefits : Helps in weight loss, anti depressant, anti ageing benefits

Rich in : Antioxidants, protein, fiber

Ragi Flour

Benefits : Controls diabetes, improves cholesterol, aids in sleep

Rich in : Fiber, minerals, amino acids


Benefits : Improves haemoglobin, lowers blood sugar, improves vision

Rich in : Potassium, protein, fiber


Benefits : Lowers cholesterol, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity

Rich in : Folic Acid, Vit E

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Nutty Dates Ragi Ladoo - Sugar Free
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