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Tropical Fruit Trail Mix

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A plant based nutritious snack that is a delectable, guilt-free source of energy.
Rs. 399.00


Preservative free

Freshly prepared

Hand made


"A one of its kind trail mix, it contains tropical fruit and nut like dried dates and coconut, apart from roasted almonds, sesame seeds and organically-sourced honey. And the warm, floral notes of Vanilla complements the trail mix wonderfully.

This trail mix is not only a delectable, guilt-free snack, but also increases the oomph quotient of your breakfast cereal.

It is made of premium quality ingredients and contains no preservatives

This trail mix is a quick, on-the-go ready to eat snack ideal for hikes, picnics, long commutes or road trips."



Benefits : Shiny hair, better digestion, smooth skin

Rich in : Protein, fiber, Vit E

Dry Dates

Benefits : Boosts energy, improves muscle strength, maintains healthy skin

Rich in : Iron, calcium


Benefits : Improves skin and hair, restores energy, lowers BP

Rich in : Protein, fiber, Manganese

Sesame Seeds

Benefits : Aids digestion, increases bone density, improves heart health

Rich in :Calcium, Iron, copper, zinc

Tropical Fruit Trail Mix
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