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Hemp Dates Ladoo

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Bite into this nutritious vegan, glutenfree, paleo friendly, keto friendly, dairy free hemp ladoo made with hemp seeds, dates and pistachios, high in fiber and rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.



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Gluten free


Sugar free

Diabetic friendly


We wanted to make a ladoo that was not only tasty but also healthy. Hemp was on our radar for exactly the same things. Hemp seeds are rich in fiber and high in protein. It has Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Also, hemp is vegan, vegetarian, glutenfree, plant based, paleo friendly, keto friendly, grain free - all the more reasons for us to include it in our healthy range of ladoos.

The seeds also called hearts or nubs rich in healthy fats and are a wonderful alternative to ghee or cooking oils. The ladoo has a slightly nutty flavour, or should we say a unique flavour that you observe in Bajra and Amaranth flours as well.

We love this no-nonsense ladoos that do so much for our heart health and skin.


Hemp Seeds and Flour

Benefits : Improves heart health, treats insomnia, aids weight loss

Rich in : Protein, Vit E, Amino Acids


Benefits : Improves skin and hair, restores energy, lowers BP

Rich in : Protein, fiber, Manganese


Benefits : Helps in weight loss, anti depressant, anti ageing benefits

Rich in : Antioxidants, protein, fiber


Benefits : Improves haemoglobin, lowers blood sugar, improves vision

Rich in : Potassium, protein, fiber

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Hemp Dates Ladoo
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