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Western Cacao Pecan Trail Mix

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A tasty and nutritious vegan snack of mixed berries, roasted pecan nuts, almonds, and cacao nibs.

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Rs. 899.00


Preservative free

Freshly prepared

Hand made


"A rich mix of all things sweet and savoury, The Soul Kitchen’s Cacao Pecan Trail Mix is loaded with roasted pecan nuts and almonds, seeds, berries and cacao nibs.

This trail mix is vegan and gluten-free and ideal for those who appreciate fuss-free, healthy snacking. Cacao nibs are added to make the mix more authentic. It is made of premium quality ingredients and contains no preservatives.

This trail mix is a quick, on-the-go ready to eat snack ideal for hikes, picnics, long commutes or road trips."


Pecan Nuts

Benefits : Improves heart health, improves brain function, helps lose weight

Rich in : Vit A, E, Folate, Calcium


Benefits : Improves skin, hair and bone health, prevents cancer, reduces high BP

Rich in : Antioxidants, potassium, Vit C

Sunflower Seeds

Benefits : Improves bones, improves skin, assists heart health

Rich in : Protein, healthy fats, Vit E, B1, B6

Cacao Nibs

Benefits : Lowers high BP, strengthens immunity, boosts cognitive functions

Rich in : Antioxidants

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Western Cacao Pecan Trail Mix
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