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Date Walnut Cookies

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Loaded with good fats from Dates and Walnuts, these buttery melt-in-your-mouth cookies are ideal teatime snack.
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These cookies are a wonderful mix of taste and health. Made of whole wheat flour, non-processed dates, walnuts, raw sugar, white butter and milk, they are not only an excellent snack on-the-go, but also satiate your sugar craving. Sweetened naturally with dates, they use minimum amount of raw sugar.

These cookies are high in fiber and good fats, and more importantly, they are made at home with hand-picked ingredients.

Enjoy it with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, as a dessert or a snack.



Benefits : Helps in weight loss, anti depressant, anti ageing benefits

Rich in : Antioxidants, protein, fiber


Benefits : Lowers cholesterol, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity

Rich in : Folic Acid, Vit E

White Butter

Benefits : Keeps skin healthy, fights infections, boosts immunity

Rich in : Vit A and D

Whole Wheat Flour

Benefits : Controls obesity, improves metabolism, prevents gallstones

Rich in : Vit B1, B3 and B5, Folate

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Date Walnut Cookies
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